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Child and Youth Therapy

Child & Youth Anxiety

Schooling, deadlines, and friendships can be daunting. We can help. We are helping children navigate an ever-changing landscape.


Helping navigate youth through their first romantic relationships or breakups and understanding the complex emotions and feelings that come with this.


Youth are confronted with many life-changing issues, often with what feels like little control over them on a seemingly daily basis leading to lasting emotional distress. We can help to find solutions and ways to cope.

Helping Kids and Teens
With All of Life’s Struggles

Children and youth experience an overwhelming change in themselves and their environment while they navigate their way to adulthood. Children are bombarded daily with countless stressors, including topics like climate change, entering the workforce, post-secondary education, sexuality, and housing. All while struggling to find oneself while balancing school, friends, family, work and the challenges of navigating this complex space.

Words of Hope Counselling aims to provide a safe space where youth and kids can explore these complex situations and emotions in a safe environment free from judgement and fear of repercussions.

We provide clear and tailored coping and growth strategies to help kids and teens find their way in the world positively and constructively and develop healthy habits that will stay with them into their adult lives.


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Tanis Vos Words of Hope

Who Are We?

Tanis is a Registered Social Worker and has spent over 24 years of meticulous self-study. She has been providing counselling and therapy in many aspects and different settings for over 20 years. Tanis works with clients of varying ages, including children, teens and adults. She lives in Barrie, enjoying the outdoors, with her four children and husband. She is actively involved in a local church and has volunteered her time with coordinating and leading the “Mom’s Need a Break” group, supporting children to cope with their grief and loss through the Rainbows Program, and facilitating various spiritual Small Groups. Tanis has also found pleasure and has had the opportunity to be a motivational speaker inspiring others to believe in one’s own worth.

We have numerous professional caring Associates on the Words Of Hope Counselling team that are excited and here to help you. Each client is matched with the therapist that best meets their needs. When you call to book your appointment we will take the time to find the right fit for you. You can anticipate quality service including attributes of friendliness, acceptance, caring and sensitivity. With the professionalism of each of our counsellors you can also expect to have a positive experience! At Words Of Hope we truly believe in your value and worth.

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We take a non-bias, solution focused approach with all our clients so you can feel confident expressing yourself in a safe space. You don’t have to feel the way you do, let’s get started today and start feeling better!

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