Supporting you through your divorce or seperation

Divorce & Separation

Many individuals find themselves in the aftermath of divorce or separation, unsure how to move forward and feel exhausted trying to navigate it. Divorce and separation can be painful and traumatic experiences for many people. You may feel guilt, shame, fear, depression or something else entirely, which are all normal symptoms of this major life change.

When working through this difficult time, our goal is to help you rebuild your life and find a path forward. Each journey is different, but there are consistent elements in our approach.

What is life like after a divorce?

You are again “finding yourself” during this time, which is okay as that is normal in any life-changing event. The life you once had is gone; certain friends or family you were once close with have “disappeared,” and you are no longer in contact with them. You may feel that your life is spiralling out of control, and you cannot cope with the change. During this time, you must be prepared to let go and adapt into the unknown.

How to deal with major life transitions?

We focus on treatment sessions to identify and strengthen the tools needed to make progress and move forward. We offer specialised therapy sessions on experiencing divorce or separation that focuses on rebuilding your life and finding a path forward. We focus on helping you grieve the loss of your relationship and help you build skills to cope with the changes that lay ahead.

What we can do

The important thing to know is that we can help. We give you the space to talk in an open, judgement and worry-free environment, letting you express yourself and your feelings and start working through these complex emotions. Each of our client’s environments in the space is different; it can be a place to seek recommendations or just a place to let your feelings go.

Let’s get started!